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Brighton has 8 conservation areas that are recognised as outstanding. These include the Eastcliffe Regency area, which present a long stuccoed façade which has been described as "unsurpassed anywhere in Britain". At the heart of which you will find Charlotte Street. Running off Marine Parade, this tranquil street is aligned with fine four story buildings, circa 1810, with intricate cast iron balconies and gracious bow fronts. Half way along you will find the two grade two listed buildings, numbers 18 & 19, which make up Paskins Brighton.


Description: C:\Users\Roger\Pictures\Food festival\Roger 031.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Roger\Pictures\Hotel\Art Deco\light bulb.jpgEnvironmentally friendly

Paskins has been famous for being environmentally friendly. This is best sampled through the delicious breakfasts, prepared with mainly organic produce or sourced where ever possible from local farms. Whilst this is now a fashionable claim to be making, it is notable that Paskins has been practising this for the last eighteen years.

Our cleaning materials are mostly ecologically friendly and our light bulbs are not only low energy but some are now coming up for their eighth year of service.


Description: is now common for a Brighton Hotel to claim environmental reasons for asking people not to put their towels in for washing each day. At Paskins we wash our towels with soap nut shells making a real contribution to the environment both by using natural ingredients and by producing much less chemical waste.


Description: C:\Users\Roger\Pictures\Hotel\Staff\website party_17 08 12_0678.JPGAll the soaps and goodies in the rooms are guaranteed not to be tested on animals and the soap itself is so environmentally friendly that it is recommended by the Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society and VIVA.
Responsibility towards one's staff is easy to claim but not always easy to measure but it is noteworthy that our complete staff list shows that our team have been with us for an average of over seven years each.


Description: C:\Users\Roger\Pictures\Hotel\Approved\Pasins_09 03 12_1030.jpgWhat makes a great hotel?

Although we are not a big Brighton hotel, one of several hundred in the City, we have still obtained recognition and have become the Times Newspaper hotel of the week enabling our reputation to spread all over England.

B&B's that succeed enjoy a personal touch which go out of their way to look after their guests. It is often small thoughtful touches which impress. Feel that that you are a welcome visitor, not a passing commercial opportunity. We can’t sum it up better than repeat the words of the Good Hotel Guides founder, Hilary Rubinstein. ‘A good hotel is where the guest comes first.’

Paskins Brighton is a small hotel that has set out to achieve its own discerning standards.